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The Ishihara Test for colour blindness

The Ishihara Test for colour blindness (Image taken from Wikipedia.)

I have been busy today with students working on research projects and with an English class learning about the science fiction genre. Both are topics close to my heart. I will post some ideas about Sci Fi at a later date.

One site that I did come across was Wade Preston Shearer’s. He had a post about designing for colour-impaired users (Saturday, Feb 07, 2009).  Those of us who do not have this problem rarely think about the trouble we can, inadvertantly, cause those who do. The best idea in this post was simple but effective. It was the idea to differentiate action buttons not only by colour, but by shape as well.  He also provides a link to the useful Color Oracle utility.

This is a free utility that can be used to test prototypes. It is built by Bernhard Jenny at the Institute of Cartography in Zurich. It allows you to alter your computer’s color display for the entire system in such a way so that you see it in the same way as a color bind user would.


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