The Nest: new Jennings novel


I have just bought Paul Jennings new fiction book. From the cover and reading the blurb, it was obvious that it was aimed at an older audience than usual. It took him 4 years to write this novel, which makes it the longest time he has spent on one book.

I was interested to find that there was an interview with Paul Jennings, on Radio National’s LifeMatters, on the 4th March. In the 15 minute interview he discusses that he originally planned a book for a younger audience and then came to realise that the idea and the content were better suited to older readers.

There is also some information about The Nest on his very informative website. The publishers (Penguin) also have a website for The Nest. On this site there are two presentations, one is a video of Paul discussing the book and the other (audio only) is a 19 minute interview by a reader from Bolinda Books (who has read a number of Jennings books for audio presentations) with the author. This interview is about the novel but also reaches into Paul’s thoughts on writing and something about his background and how it colours his stories. Both would be interesting for students to watch/listen to. There is also a page devoted the development of the cover and it shows some of the images that were not chosen. This could be used to led into some student discussion on what they would chose to represent the novel, or a visual arts project designing a cover they think works better for YA audiences. Students could listen to the interviews and then write questions for an interview that they would like to conduct with Paul Jennings.

Now its time for me to read the book!


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