Thinking about twitter

From Jenny Luca, I had a play with the Twitter mosaic tool (just for fun). It is fascinating to  visual image of who is following you.
Get your twitter mosaic here.


I have been thinking about tools for use by students and of course there was all that attention given to the Twitter race between CNN and Ashton Kutcher. I was offline for most of the Easter holidays so I was not reading much either the rss feeds or even twitter. Unlike Ashton, I have been trying to keep my twitter numbers down, closer to something I can actually manage (just about anyway). I really use my twitter to find out what others, especially those invloved in education, are doing/using. I have also used it to ask for advice/help on items. The power of twitter was reinforced when Insight (SBS) organised a discussion around the Australian Governments internet filter (Blocking the Net). I was watching the program and became very irritated about the direction of the discussion and lack of big picture and all the (wider) implications  and the overall usefullness of such a filter. Those who were watching the program with access to twitter had a much richer and varied discussion. (Have a look at the Twitter discussion and responses here).

Laura Walker had a very thoughtful post  on 9 reasons why educators should be using Twitter. There are a growing number of great ways to use Twitter in the clasroom. I am interested in developing something for the students in our Tertiary Orientation Program (year 10). These are not academic boys and they do not like reading and/or writing to any great extent. Aside from using the audio tools eg podcasting etc, I thought Twitter might provide them with a more inviting writing experience. With the limit to the characters the boys will not be daunted by the amount and with this limit, they will have to be very clear-minded about what it is they are writing.

Some information I found useful was in post from AcademicHack, the wiki “Using Twitter in the classroom” , the post “50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Education” by Carol Cooper-Taylor and from a post on SearchEngineWatch. 

Also worth watching is this video segment on “The Twitter Global Mind” .

Lastly, because it’s the weekend, a little humour from: “SuperNews!” An animated sketch comedy series airing on Current TV. This video decribes one young man’s struggle against the pressure to Twitter his life away.


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