Science fiction – a history through Penguin covers

Another great pick-up from Articulate. My feed from the  this blog informed me about the Penguin UK post  –  a wonderful gallery of science fiction book covers.


There is a thematic contents table and an index that allows to easily find titles you maybe looking for. The index also enables you to look up something like Penguin Celebrations: Penguin Classics, Penguin Crime, Penguin Film Classics, Penguin Modern Classics, Penguin Science Fiction, part one, Penguin Science Fiction, part two, Penguin Westerns and Popular Penguins. It might be useful starting point for someone looking to expand their knowledge of titles in fiction themes.


The site allows you to click on the covers for more information and to also search for, and see, covers for different editions of the same book. brave-new-world


There is also some discussion about how the decisions on choosing the cover designs. I must admit I never did like the 1972 cover for A clockwork orange and this was the cover of the book I studied. I really didn’t enjoy the reading of the book all that much either. This worried me as I always remind my students to go beyond the cover but then I did like book, The day of the Triffids and the covers here don’t inspire me either, so I think I am alright! 

This site could be a great way to lead into some visual literacy classes and could also provide some discussion about what the cover changes, over time, say about society.  A really interesting gallery.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks, your post is much more informative than mine.

  2. what a wonderful find, thankyou for pointing this out!

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