Want to know about cars?


A tweet fom MakeUseOf.com alerted me to the site, Carbibles, which is an amazingly comprehensive source for information on everything to do with the motor car. It certainly explains more than I ever wanted to ask about cars!

Chris Longhurst, a car enthusiast, has built an auto maintenance guide that would be useful to both DIY car enthusiasts and the ordinary vehicle owners. It is also extremely interesting to many of our students. We have had a lot of boys at this school who have enjoyed the science subject auto engineering. Many of our students who elect to do the pre-apprenticeship courses have wanted to go on to follow a career in the auto maintenance industry. Last week we cleaned out our shelves and offered the boys the old car magazines (Hot4s, F1 etc) and they were gone in a metter of minutes.

This site explains in detail how different car parts work (engines, wheels, brakes, transmissions, steering etc.) and offers plenty of diagrams to support the text.

The The Fuel & Engine Bible, for example, features a fascinating expose of the many alleged fuel saving devices, as well as explaining the basics.


You can also look at diagnosing problems from tyre wear as part of  the wheel and tyre section. It explains how your tyre wear pattern can tell you a lot about any problems you might be having with the wheel/tyre/suspension setup.


In summary, the useful features include:

  • Car maintenance guides to assist you look after your car.
  • Detailed and clearly illustrated guides on all sorts of car parts. including suspension, brakes, engines, transmissions, tyres etc.
  • General car maintenance tips and advice.
  • Motor bikes and hybrids are also covered.
  • Easy to navigate and includes a search option.
  • No signup or registration fee needed to access the guides.

We have used a site called How Stuff Works many times to abtain information about cars and this site offers an alternative.


4 Responses

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  2. Thanks for this link, I’m gonna check it out. However, i hope the content is clear enough for anyone who’s not an expert in car maintenance can understand.

    • I am not all that “car literate’ and I managed to understand the information, so I am sure you will understand the information you need.

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