The new Harry Potter film

The boys were talking about this trailer yesterday and again today. There is starting to be some excitement about the movie.Will it be able to do justice to the book? What will be left out? How will they create some of the effects? Will I like it anywhere near as much as I liked the book? These are some of the questions the boys were asking. One or two had seen the trailer and were impressed.

I like the trailer. We have had a lot of time looking at trailers over the past 6 months and a few classes have worked on them instead of book reviews. (see my earlier posts)

I love the way the films and other adaptations of books, be they classics or not, breathe new life into the originals. I love that students go back to the originals and then want to talk about the differences, the strengths and weaknesses of both, what they like/dislike and how they would have approached the task of updating/repackaging/retelling or just advertising a book/story. The boys have lots of ideas and often think “outside the box”, often more than adults. They think first about what they want before what might be possible. It makes for some great discussions and lively debate at lunchtime.


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