Authors given voice (and video)


Writers Talk 2009 is being put up onto the web. WritersTalk 2008 and WritersTalk 2007 are also still online and well worth investigating. These sites offer a greate resource to everyone interested in writing, YA Writing and just how different authors go about their task. So far,  Tohby Riddle, Randa Abdel-Fattah, James Roy and Mark McLeod have been added. The others due to be interviewed include Garth Nix, Isobel Carmody, David HillMal Peet, Tristan Bancks, Morris Gleitzman, Danny Katz and Mitch Vane

There is an author video of each, a text version of the interview, and all of which is supported by additional material including a list of resources of books and (linked) sites and teaching notes that could from the basis for class activities, even if you are not in the NSW education system.

This fantastic resource is an initiative of the Centre for Learning and Innovation(NSW DET) and is a spinoff from the 2009 Sydney Writers Festival.

LuckyOnesCoverThis great site was the result of a search on Tohby Riddle. Tohby has had a new YA book published, The lucky ones, and I have it to read this weekend. Tohby is better known to me as a creator of marvellous picture books. I wrote quite a long piece about some picture books, attaching a clip for the movie of  “Where the wild things are” and included, as a great example of a modern day illustrator, information on Tohby and his works. This was a few months ago but then the was promptly lost when the computer was playing up. I was so annoyed (at midnight) that I could not rewrite any of it. I thought it was time I revisited that idea I had and just look what the new search found. Serendipity? I suppose losing the earlier post might have been good fortune because it led me to this resource – maybe I would have found it – maybe not.

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