Mr Winkle and the 21st century education debate

From the Bright Ideas Blog,a video of an old story retold. Rip Van Winkle wakes up and goes wandering around the world as it exists today. He finds many changes but some things not so diferrent.

Created as a conversation starter for professional development on the use of educational technology.

This is a great and short video that could make a good discussion starter. It could be used with staff at the start of a PD day to get them thinking about how technology works in their schools but I would love to have students watch it as well. They could then come up with ideas relating to how they think schools today should work and develop some ideas about how it might change. I imagine that they might come up with some very interesting and novel ideas that we teachers could learn from.

If you  are looking for videos, you could try the Alec Couros post:  80+ Videos for Tech and Media literacy. The list of great Youtube videos offer great instruction for teaching technology and media literacy.

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