Wikipedia – AgainButSlower

Many of our students all like to use Wikipedia. It is a good starting point for them to find information on many topics, and they also know that they need to verify the information they find. When I am in classes with them, most indicate that they understand that the information may not be correct (it is one of the times they really seem to understand this!)

There can also be the problem that the articles they find are too difficult for them to understand, particularly for our younger and overseas (ESL)students. There is now a new tool, that might help in these situations, by using Simple English Wikipedia. I wrote a post about Simple English Wikipedia in a post in November last year. It is a good tool, especially for ESL students.

AgainButSloweris a mashup website that tries to address the problem of difficulty by displaying a simplified versionof the information alongside the original Wikipedia one.


It is very simple to use 

  1. Enter enter the article title or its URL in the provided box
  2. Click on the “Again, but slower” button.

The page will then load the original and simplified versions of selected article side-by-side. This would help ESL students improve their grasp of the language. You can choose to go to either of the articles by just clicking on their links. 

It is worth noting that that not all Wikipedia articles have “simpler versions”. At this time there 59,395 articles in Simple English Wikipedia


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