What is YA Literature?

YA books display

YA books display

I have an RSS feed from the Fiction Focus site and today I found they had put up a post about YA literature. This was not the first time that there had been some discussion about this type of literature. In a post called musings they discussed the definition “YA” in the context of Anthony Eaton’s Into White Silence

Today the Fiction Focus blog site pointed me to a blog written by  (a children’s book editor). In this thought-provoking post she sought to articulate a practical definition of YA literature.

I’ve been thinking off and on about a practical definition of YA literature — something I could look at to help me decide whether a manuscript is an adult novel or a middle-grade novel or, indeed, a YA.

This is very much a WORKING theory; I hope you all will offer challenges, counter examples, additions or arguments to help me improve what I’m saying here. But here’s what I have right now — the definition broken into five parts for easier parsing:

  1. A YA novel is centrally interested in the experience and growth of
  2. its teenage protagonist(s),
  3. whose dramatized choices, actions, and concerns drive the
  4. story,
  5. and it is narrated with relative immediacy to that teenage perspective. Continue reading