Exploring our amazing world

Today there were no students at school. All the semester 1 exams are finished and we are now writing reports. We are looking forward to finishing this task. I have also spent few breaks sorting through files, emails, etc. Whilst doing this I found a post by Patricia Donaghy about the Explore site.

Explore.org creates short documentary films, amazing galleries of photographs and offers interviews with NGOs  that showcase some amazing non-profit efforts.  These enable you to observe a world that many of us might not otherwise ever get to see. 

The array of destinations is amazing. Places covered include those from all corners of the world, from 1st world to 3rd world. The wildlife videos are great. I have always liked zebras.

Explore’s many film and photographic resources “document how people from all over the world, from every walk of life, are taking positive steps that have local impact and global relevance“.

How amazing is the short film of Tibetan monks debating the scriptures in the following footage. If you think that their lives are just quiet contemplation, think again!

How about a visit to the amazing Arctic region, with its towering glaciers and vast, open expanses. This landscape just oozes feelings of immense cold and tremendous power but it is a fragile environment.

It is all so much more interesting than report writing.

There are many  research articles for extra information and the site also offers links to other relevant websites.


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