Copyright basics – in under 7 mins

CCCI am still trying to work out the best way to help staff understand their responsibilities about Copyright, Fair use and Creative Commons. The digital technologies seem only to have confused many even more.

Copyright basics

The Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) created a short video explaining how copyright works. 

CCC has also made Copyright basics- the video available for free for anyone who wants to use it for non-commercial purposes.  The video can be viewed online and if you want to use it for educational purposes (eg. to teach the staff in your school), you can request a down loadable form by filling out the online form

The video is quite clever and it manages to cover a complicated topic in good detail in a short space of time. Although it is from a US (legal) perspective, emphasising need for compliance and the reasons why, and includes the their concept of Fair Use, it is  in a very digestable explanation of copyright and there a number of concepts explained that some of our staff  have difficulty with. 

There are 3 statements that I would quote  directly to staff and students.

  • Attribution doesn’t substitute copyright approval
  • If content is in the public domain, it is still protected by copyright law
  • Copyright applies to both print and electronic materials

I like that they include sources of content that are not covered by copyright, such as ideas, facts, data as well publications created by the US Government. It is a shame they did not include the Creative Commons information, but that would probably doubled the running time of the video cartoon.


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