Twittering in Plain English

I am getting very bored with people bagging Twitter. Many of the radio commentators constantly have snide little comments but, from these comments, it is clear that they don’t really use it well or understand the tool. I have found twitter useful especially for my professional development. I don’t go out looking for thousands of followers or follow huge numbers of others. I like to follow other people who enhance my learning and development, especially in the field of education and technology. I have had some great information shared with me, advice given when I have needed help and I hope that some of my tweets have been useful to others. I also like to get a number of news broadcasts and, using Tweetdeck, have searches running of various subjects/topics. There are other tools as well.

In his latest TED Talk, Clay Shirky explores the evolution of social networks further with the introduction of Twitterand looks at the influence on our social infrastructure and historical outcomes.   During this past week or so Twitter has been used by the people of Iran to get their message out to the world following the recent election. Quite a conversation has been going on in Will Richardson’s  Weblogged about social media (including Twitter) and the Iran elections

Clay Shirky suggests that we are experiencing the ‘largest increase in expressive capability in human history’.  The Internet has become increasingly social, with citizen reporting within personal networks a powerful force and we are seeing the impact of some quite revolutionary change on all levels of our society, including education. Will Richardson suggests that we all need to be our own editors as we are new receiving so much information. The comments have been interesting to read.

Have a look at these two information sources, what do you think about Twitter and the evolution/revolution in information gathering – and have you gone “Twitter green “?

While I am talking about Twitter there is also a new video (thank you Jenny LucaTwitter Search in Plain English by leelefever.  The YouTube description:

How Twitter Search creates new opportunities for business feedback, tracking news in real time and discovering trends.