RadioNational podcast – Morris Gleitzman

I must admit that I have always enjoyed listening to Morris Gleitzman, one Morris Gleitzmanof our most prolific children’s authors, speak about his books and his reasons for writing. He is a natural storyteller.

Here he is in conversation with Richard Aedy, at the Happiness and Its Causes conference 2009. The program was aired on Friday, June 26, 2009

Morris talks about inspiring children to have happy meaningful lives. He discusses the value of the story and how stories can help children explore their world and lives in a safer way. He discusses why and how he writes about events that may be difficult, for example in Once and Then. To paraphrase – to allow young people to examine situations, people and conflicts. He wants younger readers to see/examine underneath the surface of the stories, to realise that there are always positives and good that can be found in most situations and, for instance, although children may not be able to stop wars, they can have a positive role. Anyway he puts it much better so have a listen to Morris. You can listen to, or download, this  20 minute conversation on the ABC’s RadioNational LifeMatters


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