Catching up, reading my feeds and back in the digital world

After more than a week absent from the on line world I have been trying to catchup and read some of the feeds that have come my way over the school holidays.

Imagining Links - Will Lion Shirky quote

Imagining Links - Will Lion from Shirky quote

38 ways of using wordle

38 ways of using wordle

Tom Barrett had a post entitled Interesting Ways to use Voicethread, Wordle and the Nintendo DS. I have only touched on Voicethread but I love Wordle. The slide shows he has created offer a lot of great ideas for the classroom  use of these tools. I love the way he invites people to add to the range of ideas about interesting ways to use tools. A truly great way to use technology to add to the education knowledge bank.

17 ways to use Voicethread

17 ways to use Voicethread

Such items show the positives about becoming part of the participatory culture of the Web2.0 world. It allows people to develop skills that connect people together to create something larger than at the individual level. These are the social (digital) skills that we need to be teaching our students, the things they need to know to become digital citizens (and workers) in the future. The combined skills of the group will be an important part of the future. Our students need to develop the social skills that will allow them to  talk and share ideas, safely and with confidence.

Many of the feeds I am reading only serve to reinforce my belief that we are doing our students a great disservice if we do not incorporate the new technologies, and related literacies, into our classroom practices.


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