Internet filtering – Censordyne: the GetUp campaign

If you have been reading this blog you would have read posts (esp Dec 2008) about the many things wrong with, and ineffectiveness of, blanket filtering plan that the Australian Commonwealth Government is undertaking.

If you are also concerned about our Commonwealth Government’s Internet Censorship plan, worried that things have gone too quiet and opposition case is not being heard, then you might like to try this new approach.


The campaign is being run by “GetUp an independent community advocacy organisation, formed in 2005, which helps Australians to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues.” It is running a controversial new campaign that  pokes fun at the Rudd Government’s Internet filtering plan. Watch the video. It has a very professional look.  At one point it even makes a comparison to the recent events in Iran. The campaign is also supported by a dedicated website and Twitter account. It offers a very easy and practical way to register your concern. You can express you support for this campaign by using the “click-here” and submit your petition or register your concern. You can also support the GetUp in a monetary way but it is not compulsory.

If you have not investigated what the government is planning, you should do so soon. I believe we should all seek to understand and take a stand on the issue. I do not believe that it is the role of my government to judge what ‘they think I need’ but rather act on/support the voice of the people regarding any issue that arises. I thought that basic democracy was about having choices and a voice. If we are not even aware of issues, and the government continues with their plans to ‘modify’ things without our knowledge, how can we really function as a democracy? If, like me, you are concerned about the filtering have a look at Censordyne. For further information and links about the plans, try the NoCleanFeed site.


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