Progressive Pedagogy and 21st Century Tools.

Chris Lehmann’s post about the publication by ISTEVision of his presentation at NECC – on Progressive Pedagogy and 21st Century Tools. Chris Lehmann is the principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a very forward-thinking school administrator, from the US.

The official program description of his session was: In our hurry to learn “What’s new,” we can’t lose sight of “What’s best?” Examine using the new tools in a school-wide, constructivist manner.

What did his presentation mean to me? In schools we teach students, not subjects, not robots, not people who are divorced from life outside the school fences. The tools are there for us to help our students learn. They can not teach but they can change how we teach and how what sort of learning environments we create for these young people. He spoke about the tool(s) we use and that they must allow students to: research, collaborate, create, present and network.  He also spoke about schools (and the teachers in them) being very clear about their basic core values. There is a lot to unpack in here but well worth the effort. I will have to consider it longer and look at his ideas in the context of my school. Chris has also put in the link to the wiki that accompanies the session.


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