Flip(ing) video cameras – we have some for use

We just purchased some flip cameras for the library. In the past I have had to beg and borrow digital video cameras from other faculties (not steal!) Finally I got one just before our semester holidays and I found it such a neat little device. I wanted something that was simple and easy to use in a classroom situation. It is not meant to be for the more complex videos  that the media students produce,just something that our junior students can pick up and use.

Flip Cameras

Our Flip Ultra is a pocket-sized video camera. In this case Flip is the name of the name of the company that produced the camera. There are other similar such cameras around produced by a variety of companies. I played around with it over the holidays and it was great.
What are the good points to the pocket video camera?

  • The size means that you can literally fit it in your pocket, and it is easy to hold and record with a non-slip coating. It is light so that the weight doesn’t causes you to tire or of a size that can get knocked and buffeted by the wind if you are ouside. 
  • The  simplicity is wonderful with a big red “record” button and a few other basic features, including a small zoom feature. This made it very easy to use without having to read a large manual.
  • The video file format is very useful as it records videos in a format that is ready to be posted online, uploaded to YouTube  or edited with software.
  • There are no leads or cords need to transfer the files across to your computer. It has a built in USB port that you plug directly into your computer and away you go. This is especially useful in schools as cords regularly go missing.

Thanks to Clif Mims post Video Cameras in the Classroom. I found a GoogleDocs presentation by Tom Barrett  on Thirty-Nine Interesting Ways* to use your Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom. These tips and  is not a definitive list nor are some of the ideas totally new but they do provide a range strategies for effectively integrating video cameras with teaching and learning. Many of the strategies also offer links to examples from classes using the cameras.

Already I know our PE department is very keen to use them in a number of their classes to help students evaluate their performance. I want more book trailer videos and I also want to use video as a way of students reflecting about learning tasks. I also have in mind to do some video “how-Tos” and think that the students could help.

Anyway we will only be limited by our own imaginations. I am excited by the new learning opportunities we will be able to offer.

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  1. Tom has indeed coordinated the creation of a really good resource. It’s full of useful ideas.

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