Shaun Tan – latest interview

Shaun Tan_Readings Hawthorn-smallIt’s Shaun Tan again. My favourite illustrator was interviewed for the Guardian UK last week. The published article, Shaun Tan’s unexpected details, can be read here. It is quite a long article and, as always, Shaun’s replies are, as always, considered and thoughtful. He is always worth listening to/reading when he discusses the power of the  story and storytelling. He is often called on to explain how illustrations and images, in their own right, can tell stories as well as add extra dimensions to a text. In this article he illustrates his points by using his own works as examples.

If you have a look at the article, don’t forget to go to a link at the side to have a look at a story and its illustrations for one of the stories from the Tales of Outer SuburbiaEric: A Story in Pictures by Shaun Tan.

Another interview worth reading is on the ABC”s Articulate site. It was from a 2007 interview Shaun Tan: solving the puzzle by Gary Kemble after the publication of The Arrival.

Shaun has allowed digital or e-versions of his stories before.  The Lost thing also has a virtual version here. If you follow the link  on the left-hand side of the page you can experience an interactive display featuring a selection of pages from the original book. There is also a stand alone site for The Lost Thing here.

The world-wide attention to Shaun Tan and his works are well deserved. I only hope that he will be able to find the time to contiue writing and illustrating.


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