Waiting for Book Week and award winners

Gothic_novel-mosaicCrime_mosaicWe have been putting together the activities we will run for book week. After the conference last week I wonder how this sort of week will change in the future. We are using the mosaic maker again, this time to create some genre puzzles. They boys have to guess the genre and give us the title of a book form that genre. This year our “scavenger hunt” will send the boys to our fiction blog, and we thought we would also try an activity I found on the CMIS site. The post was called What will yours look like : create your own YA cover. We have had to use a different name generator (the one they suggested was blocked) but everything else is fine. In case the internet does not work for some reason, I have (on paper) some loose descriptions for novels that can be randomly chosen (out of a box) by students.

One of our other T/Ls, Karen Kearney has created the posters in Glogster and it seems that we will be ready to go. As always there will be some incentives to eat while the boys are working and we will again have our paper plane building competition. This is the most eagerly awaited competition.

On Friday, the winners of the 2009 CBCA Awards will at last be announced. The winners are often a controversial choice with lots of discussion about their individual merits but, although the focus is on winners on Friday, in the long term many of the other shortlisted titles and the Notable Books (an even longer list) are always worth keeping in mind.  These books are the final selections after the judges have read through hundreds of titles have been put forward. The announcement of winners is at 12 noon.

There will be other awards in the offing this week as well. On Thursday, the longlists for the Inky Awardswill be announced in Melbourne. The Inkys are specifically a YA book award and run by the wonderful Centre for Youth Literature (SLV) here in Melbourne. The awards were inaugurated in 2007 and they are chosen by young people. The voting opens in September and the winning books are announced in November each year.

There will be an announcement about which ten novels have made stage one of the Inky process. There will be five Australian and five international books listed. This year, at 1:15pm (AEST) on Thursday, the 2009 Awards will be launched online.  The 2008 Gold Inky winning author (and 2009 judge) James Roy will be speaking. Everyone interested is invited to attend. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, a current browser with Java installed, and computer speakers. You can read all about it on the blog Persnickety Snark (by Adele, one of the Inky judges.) or

Register attendance here. Check your system’s compatibility here. Click on “Configuration Room” to check that your connection and speakers. The first time that you enter Elluminate, it may take a while to download onto your system (up to about 10 minutes) but it will be much faster next time you log in.

It would be great to have students following the launch. We have all the technology needed to allow our students to listen in but sadly, as yet we are not able to take advantage of any elluminate sessions due to an infrastructure problem and a connection problem with the ports needed. 

If this is not a problem for you however why not take up the offer!


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