CBCA 2009 winners

The CBCA 2009 book awards have been announced. I am so pleased about the winner. Anyone who has been reading this blog know my appreciation for the work of Shaun Tan and I loved this one. It had some wonderful short stories written and illustrated by Shaun. My favourite would have to be Alert but not alarmedand the story is about the  storage of ballistic missiles in suburbia. Anthony Eaton’s book has made it to the Inky long list and it is great to see that there is an appreciation of the novel by younger readers as well as adults regarding it highly.

I have also enjoyed a number of the other winners and honour books and so it will be interesting to talk with colleagues to hear about their ideas on the final list.

Older Readers Book of the Year 2009

 Younger Readers Book of the Year 2009

  • Winner: Millard, Glenda, Illus: King, Stephen Michael, Perry Angel’s Suitcase        
  • Honour: Bateson, Catherine The Wish Pony  
  • Honour: Gleitzman, Morris Then     (This sequel to Once is a great, if a very sad story. It has been widely read and enjoyed by many of our students and worthy of the honour title)    

 Eve Pownall Book of the Year 2009

  • Winner: Hall, Lincoln, Alive in the Death Zone This story about climbing the world’s highest mountain, being left for dead near the summit and then the subsequent return to life and safety, is a story that is incredible and makes for the most exciting adventure.
  • Honour: Duborsarky, Ursula Illus: Tohby Riddle , The Word Spy (This has been an interesting book on a number of levels (junior and senior students have been interested n the information within and Tohby Riddle’s illustrations are great. There is also a Word Spy blog you can visit.
  • Honour: Greenwood, Mark, Illus: Lessac, Frané , Simpson and his Donkey This story is one that most Australians learn about as children. It is a very poignant account of the famous ANZAC story about Simpson and his donkey told in picture book format and does justice to its subject matter.

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