DeeperWeb plugin – a useful searching tool

DeeperWebI was playing with a new search engine tool tonight. It is called DeeperWeb Search. It has been around since May but I only came across it recently. It is free and very easy to use. I have again been into classes to discuss how to best search he web and I am always interested in tools that might help students get the most relevant information.

DeeperWeb is an innovative search engine plugin and an essential Firefox addon for Google. Start using us immediately at or download a free search plugin and Firefox addons

This new tool can help Google users to find required information by allowing them to navigate through large numbers of web search results by employing Tag Cloud techniques (called DeeperCloud).

TagCloud techniques for improving search results include the following tabs:


 Tags: that allow you to add (or exclude) a keyword from the original query. Tag Cloud suggests keywords relevant to the search query.

  • Phrases: Offer other (meaningful) phrases hidden beneath the pile of search results thus allowing you to amend the search query by clicking on the relevant phrase. You can both adding or exclude a phrase from the search.
  • Sites: If you clicking on one of the sites in the Tag Cloud it will bring all relevant results from only that selected source.
  • Zones: Zones can help to narrow down and focus on specific domains such as .org, .edu or country specific suffixes.
  • I tried looking up “Cystic Fibrosis” and found it was ver useful have the different options available to narrow down my searching.



    In addition to the above, DeeperWeb’s Topic-Mapping technologies help to reduce the sheer amount of information found by a search by helping to narrow down or refine the search by searching via topic and type (e.g. articles, videos, podcasts, slides, etc.). In the very easy to follow tutorial hey are called “Zoomies” and they act like mini search engines.



    The options for searching include:

    • Answers: Selected resources of “questions and answers”, support discussions and social forums. providing search results to a realm of questions and answers.
    •  Blog: Offers current articles in the Blogosphere relevant to the search query.
    • Metrics: Good if you are searching for relevant results with facts, statistics, percentages, market share, data, tables and graphs.
    • Wikipedia: Provides users immediate access to relevant Wikipedia results.  
    • Resources: For current (and relevant) articles, business articles, recent white papers, research studies or magazine articles.
    • News: Latest relevant news articles 

    It is certainly worth having a look and I think it will be another tool I will be recommending to some of the students I work with.

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