Image sets – California Fires

It seems such a short time ago that a lot of Victoria was burning and many Victorians held a very real fear of the fires, that were raging through the state, would also burn them out. Many also knew others who were affected. A Royal Commission is now looking into the way the authorities handled the crisis and making recommendations to improve the collective response to future fires. Yesterday I had to drive though some of the countryside that was burnt out last summer but the trees and plants are starting to grow back. It always seems truly amazing how nature can bounce back.

I have been following what has been happening in Southern California (having visited this part of the world and knowing a couple of people who live there). We have many of the same problems with bush fires/wildfires. The Big Picture (Boston Globe) has published some amazing photos of the fires in southern California. There is so much that is similar: People trying to save their pets/livestock, exhausted firefighters, the amount of land the fire has raged through and the devastation left behind.

The American Red Cross also has a Flickr set,  2009 California Wildfires, that tells stories about the peoples and these fires as well. The Red Cross has also written up some tips and advice as well as a description of what they are doing “on the ground”. There is also a post (Sept 3) on the Station Fire, Los Angeles on the Flickr blog.

Bob Carey/American Red Cross.

Bob Carey/American Red Cross.

Bob Carey and American Red Cross.

Bob Carey and American Red Cross.

The pictures are incedible but it is so sad to be seeing that fires continue to occur.

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