More of the beauty in science – Fractals

It has been a week where I have not been doing too much in-depth thinking. I have been much more focused on visuals. There have been quite a few videos that I have decided to watch. One of these came up in a tweet and after watching that video on fractals I was so taken with it I went on to look at quite a few more. Here are some that I liked. 

Fractals – The Colors Of Infinity (By Arthur Clarke).  A fractal is a geometric figure made up of complex patterns that repeat themselves at every scale. They cannot be represented by traditional/classic geometry.

This give a good explanation of fractals

A fractal zoom on a mandelbrot set, finishing on a dendrite area. Music: “Theme – Jon Brion”

I decided to look up Mandelbrot for an explanation to find out more about him. I checked to see what was in World Book on-line. (After a month long glitch we are back on-line again so I was interested to see that it was working.) 

Mandelbrot, Benoit (1924-) a Polish-born French mathematician, founded a branch of geometry called fractal geometry. Fractal geometry involves the study of fractals, complex geometric figures made up of patterns that repeat themselves at smaller and smaller scales. Fractals provide a mathematical description for many irregular and complicated shapes that occur in nature, such as coastlines and clouds. People have used fractal geometry to study widely different subjects, such as the distribution of galaxies in the universe, the flow of fluids, and fluctuations in the prices of goods. In addition, fractals have been used in graphic art as well as movie, television, and video game special effects.  “Mandelbrot, Benoit.” World Book Student. World Book, 2009. Web. 3 Sept. 2009.

So lastly this great video of a Mandelbrot fractal brought to life. This time someone has taken the time to subtitle it.

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