On-line learning and Classroom Innovation

After the first 3 terms this year I reflected back on how some teachers are doing some really engaging things in the classroom with their students. Many others are not really taking up the challenges and part if this can be down to just how determined you are to make the technology work. There have been many times this year when simple things have been made harder due to infrastructure glitches and shortcomings. Next term we will still need to encourage colleagues to persevere, citing reasons for the hard work it may take to set things up.

Two interesting videos, worth a look are below:

As part of Education Week in the US  Harvard University Professor Chris Dede discusses the potential for online learning to drive innovation in the classroom.

–And also one from the president and chief executive officer of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning talks at NECC ’09 about the drive to improve virtual learning in K-12 schools.


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