Having a look at Everything beautiful

zeverything beautifulAfter my Inkys shortlist post I had a comment about  Simmone Howell suggested that I take a look at her novel, even though I work in a school populated by teenage boys. My comment about how powerful covers can be I think is relevant. Not one of our regular book suppliers brought this book in for us to have a look at. I suspect they looked at the cover with the heart and that had a great bearing on their decision. I also did not give it any thought and did not notice it on the book shelves.

Since then I have looked at some reviews including the one from Magpies Magazine below

Riley Rose thinks of the Spirit Ranch Holiday Camp as more a concentration camp than a chance for spiritual revival. What she believes is nobody’s business. Clever and observant, with a reckless courage and disregard for consequences, Riley creates a stir that changes the outlook of several fellow campers.
However, it isn’t all one way because after many incidents when Riley has a chance to escape with her crazy best friend Chloe and gorgeous hunk Ben Seb who have come to rescue her, she chooses to stay with fellow camper Dylan and face the music.
The two are in trouble because they have stolen a car and runaway into the desert to a salt lake supposedly with healing powers. Dylan is in a wheelchair after an accident no one will talk about. Although Riley has no apparent disability she is still broken-hearted after the death of her mother and expresses her feelings through angry recklessness. Anger brings them together and each give way enough to find a relative peace, and hope for the future. An unusual romance tale with a complicated and likeable heroine.

Having made the Inkys shortlist and after reading various reviews I thinks I have been remiss and will now read the book. I know some boys who would be interested in reading something that is like the above review. Afterall if they can read Twilight …..

The interesting little one-handed book trailer for her novel is by Simmone Howell.

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  1. Hello! I’ve been surfing around and found your blog today. I love it! I had not heard of Everything Beautiful, but now I will try to pick up a copy. And I have to agree with you- covers matter. They matter to such an extent that some of the boys in my 7th grade classroom refuse to pick up any book with a hint of femininity to its cover. They go for gender neutral fare (Nancy Farmer, Suzanne Collins, Margaret Peterson Haddix) or anything testosterone-y (Anthony Horowitz, John Feinstein, Mike Lupica). I would like to do an unscientific poll of my boys and see what exactly attracts or repels them. May I add your blog to my blogroll? I am a brand new blogger (just 4 posts so far!), and I am looking forward to joining the educational blogosphere. Please visit my blog (http://somenovelideas.typepad.com). If you like what you see, please consider adding me to your blogroll. Thanks! Looking forward to reading your stuff again soon!

    • Hi Stacy,
      Congratualtions on your blog. I just write about the things I have found out about or found interesting and would be pleased if you added my blog to your blogroll. I hope you find my posts useful and interesting.
      It would be fascinating to find out exactly what the boys pick up on when looking at the cover. I am always trying to think of different ways to encourage reading, matching the right boy with the right reading for them and also trying to show that reading is not just “a thing girls do”. We have a fiction blog at our school and we have asked our teachers about what they are reading, especially the male teachers. You might like to try something like this with your students.

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