Using Yudu

Whilst looking at more ways for students to share their information with others, I have been investigating Yudu.

It is a free service and it allows the user to upload documents in various formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF) to create a more dynamic, magazine style presentation. This way of presenting information looks much more interesting and professional than the static versions and can be embedded into websites or blogs. You can see range of various documents here.

It is very easy to use and there are 3 simple rules clearly indicated:

  1. no adult content
  2. no copyright abuse
  3. no offensive material

To create your publication:

  • Upload your document
  • Create a title
  • Indicate a publication type (book, magazines, brochure, catalogue, newspaper, portfolio,report and other)
  • They then send a link to your email address when your document is ready
  • lastly you can chose to keep it private or public

The teachers have been using DeskTop Author at school to create documents with the page turning etc. but these require a (free) reader to be downloaded and are not able to be embedded into blogs/websites. For the exercise we have planned, if the document can be viewed online with a click rather than having to find something via a link (provided you have the reader) it is a much better option.

Click to launch the full edition in a new window.


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