What digital natives want from their library

Out of the mouth of a baby! This is a lovely video to open a conference.

This video of 3 year old Abbey was used launch the 15th Biennial VALA Conference and Exhibition in Melbourne Australia. http://www.vala.org.au #VALA2010

From VALATV: “This is actually Abbey’s voice, she sat in front of the camera and said these things. While Abbey was following a script, she really does like libraries (and books and story time). Actually, she willingly gave up an afternoon playing with friends on the beach to go to the library and make this short film.”


2 Responses

  1. Fascinating…While adults, and that includes me, moan the slow death of brick and mortar libraries and cling to real books, digital natives want something completely different. We’d better move ourselves in that direction!

    • I love my books and I also want comfortable and inviting places to read, research and study. I think that, in an ideal world, we would have access for all needs to b e met and we would offer everyone the whole range of ways to experience information/stories/narratives, etc.

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