Sharing sites with Weblist

I am always looking for tools that add to the classroom experience. Over the last 2 weeks I have been investigating Weblist. It is a aggregator that allows you to create a “library” of websites in a visual mode.

You can then share this list with colleagues and students by sending them to a single web address. I like the “clean” feel to the site and the ease with which you can add your links and edit it as well. It is easy to paste in web addresses individually or you can use the multiple sites option. You can also add a title, description and tags here, the last two being optional

The user can click on the thumbnail to open the site. You open onto a single-page view of the site.

Once on one of the sites you can use the navigation bar at the top of the page to continue to look through the pages, hover over the name to see the complete list or use the button to return to the thumbnail view. You can also add to the list via a button here .

It is a useful tool to keep your students at the sites you deem reputable/accurate because they remain always in the Weblist URL.

If the students want to cite the pages in an assignment the can use the button at the bottom of the page to bring up a list that include the sites email address and basic info. Here you can see the information when you put in the title, a description as well as see the address.

I was showing a science teacher I was working on – a list I called Chemical Elements WFC –  and she became very interested by the options for her students. I have given her the edit address to add a few more sites although we believe that too many sites could be confusing for her year 8 students. I have been thinking that maybe 10-12 sites as a maximum.

We then started discussing the idea that the students could create a Weblist as a class and recommend sites (as well as evaluate them) as a class exercise. This would be used for other classes studying the topic.  Many of our boys love the idea of creating a “real” project that will be used by others.

Weblist is a free service and registration is optional. If you choose to register as a user your entire list will be saved under your account and you will be able to edit, delete and add to your lists.

You have the option to have a look at other lists but not all of them are for school use. Two lists that I like were Biomes and  Rainforests.

Last year I wrote a post about sharetabs which is a similar tool. I still use sharetabs but I believe that as I investigate Weblist further it might offer extra option for our students.

Since I began this I have found an article on the School Library Journal by Joyce Valenza Ph.D. She has been playing around with the tool as well and he first list was on Copyright-Friendly Images.

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