Forvo: a site for word pronuciations

Looking at tools to assist the Italian language students I came across Forvo.

I found a reference on a post on Social media in education. “It could probably be described as an audio wiki for word pronunciations.”

 At the time of writing there are 533.253 words, 443,313 pronunciations in 234 languages. This will change as it is constantly building up its list of words.

One of the biggest problem for our students trying to learn to speak Italian is trying to figure out how to pronounce the words. There is nothing like immersing yourself in the language. Unlike Europe, where it is very easy to take short trips to hear native speakers, Australian students have to learn to speak the language from listening to recordings.

This is where Forvo can help because it  hosts hundreds of recordings of word pronunciations by native speakers.

To use it from the home page when you want to know how to pronounce a word you:

  • Type the word into the search box and Forvo will come back with that word pronounced by a native speaker.
  • Click on the icon and you can hear it spoken.
  • If you click on the word you can  get more information about it.

Looking up “Grazie” and Italian, I got 4 uses and I clicked on one of them to get this information, including a map of where the speaker is from and an English translation.

So as well as providing a site that offers word pronunciations, Forvo also provides some basic demographic information about each language.

This is a social sharing site. The content is user-supported and user-generated so you can join and add words that you’d like pronounced to the list , or you can provide the pronunciation. New pronunciations are added on a regular basis.


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