New novel from Melina Marchetta

This week as I was rushing past a book display I saw The Piper’s Son has been published. It had not been brought to my attention by my regular book suppliers so I had not seen it before this. This is the latest book by Melina Marchetta. Two of her earlier books that have been widely read and enjoyed in our school were Looking for Alibrandi and Saving Francesca. This new novel is a companion to Saving Francesca, set five years later and the character Thomas Mackee seems to have lost the plot and his life is out of control.

I have only had time to have a quick glance though it but the story appears to be about family, grief, and love. As always the writing in the parts I have had a chance to look at make it for the reader to identify with the characters and the situations. I think this will be another book that will interest our male teenage readers and I really like the cover that has been chosen. I thought of the classic Catcher in the Rye when I first saw it! We have a 3-day weekend and so I am looking forward to reading this book properly (perhaps with coffee and cake for some of the time!)

One of my pet hates are the bad/inappropriate covers that are given to great/interesting books. This is where I then have to spend the first few  minutes convincing  our readers to pick up a book that I know they will like once they get past that cover. In our library we put up copies of the covers of many of the new novels to let the students know what new books have come in and to entice them into reading them.

Speaking of advertising books I also found out that Allen and Unwin have some author posters that you can download and/or print for your library or classrooms. 

From the Insideadog site:

If you live in Victoria you can meet Melina Marchetta, one of Australia’s very good YA authors, (and Printz Award winner) on Sunday March 14 at 2pm at Experimedia at the State Library of Victoria. (The venue has changed from the earlier advertised one – Village Roadshow Theatrette.)

The Piper’s Son, Melina’s new book, will be under discussion with Penni Russon.

Bookings here. Cost is $5 on the door and includes cake. Readings will be there for book sales and a signing session will follow the talks and questions.

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