Students reading (or not)

I liked this video (from HeinemannVideos). One of my main aims as a teacher librarian is to help students become not just competent readers but young people who enjoy reading. When I was at university (a long time ago now!) it was suggested to me by one of my lecturers that giving young people some choice played a big part in increasing their reading. Over the years this has been reinforced by much research and by my own observations. This video supports the lesson I received many years ago.

Some quotes why they don’t read:

  • “The books they we were given to read were a little dull, and people who don’t like reading were immediately turned of them. This creates a big problem.”
  • “If you are interested in what you are reading, you want to read more…”

And one final quote:  “Let people choose their own books…work it into the curriculum ….It’s way more important for people to find joy in what they are reading not be forced to read it just because it is a classic.”

Give them the choice to find a subject matter they like, a book that suits their reading level and then get them into the habit of reading. Let them find out that reading can be enjoyable and them help them develop from there.

Some other rules that I try to follow:

  • never belittle their choices
  • allow them not to like a book, (it is alright because I don’t like every book I pick up to read) but try to help them understand what it was that they did not like.
  • I am always ready to talk about what I am reading and ask for their advice

2 Responses

  1. Nice article, i wish i could read more to be honest! I just lack motivation to pick up a book especially when ive got so much Univeristy work to do 😦

  2. this is well done, and I agree

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