40 inspirational speeches – a montage

I first saw this video when my students showed it to me this morning. It was a good way to end our pastoral care session for the week.

Created by Matthew Belinke in December 2008, it is a very clever montage. I also went to look at the post about the video on the Overthingking it blog.

He had the full transcript of the dialogue in the video and also offered “some behind-the-scenes notes for editing nerds only.” The boys enjoyed the whole but also had fun discussing the editing and what other speeches might work. I guess it might be interesting to have students try creat a version for themselves by taking some dialogue/passages from classic books and remaking them into another different but coherent passage. They would also have to choose images and music/sound that would fit in with the text they create. This would be put together as a storyboard then the film/video created.

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