Making a paperless school!

We are at a notebook school. We have been trying to cut back on paper use in school for some time now but with little real success. This was mentioned again in a recent meeting and we are trying to work out why our paper consumption has not decreased any major way. Then yesterday I was reading some blogs and stumbled on the post in the one below.

 It is about what we, teachers, students and admin staff,  in schools might do for Earth Day, which is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment, and is on 22nd April.

The post was about  Shelly Blake-Plock’s Earth Day Paperless Classroom Pledge. Over 800 teachers so far have signed-up and pledged to go paperless on Earth Day.

  1. Click here to add your name and pledge!
  2. And click here to see everybody who’s pledged so far!

This weekend we have all been encouraged to participate in Earth Hour so could we go for a day without using paper in our school?

  • Our students work with notebook computers and so can upload their work to the relevant student workspaces or email the teachers. There should be no need to print any work out.
  • If we collect our student work online then we should be able to mark it on-line. We should not need to print it out to mark the work. No-one needs to print out assignments at our school. They can be uploaded into workspaces or emailed. Some do this, so far others don’t but we could try to change this, at least on some occasions.
  • If some want to do look at any articles for topics it would be an ideal opportunity to use Diigo. I have been using Diigo for a while but it was shown to all at school recently with great approval for the applications it offers.  We have also been building an online  supply of topical articles, especially for Geography, that could be downloaded by students onto their computers rather than printed.
  • All our students have access to scanners as well and we have been encouraging then to scan text rather than photocopy. As I work in the library, we can try to remind students about the scanning option – it is cheaper for them anyway (and many boys love to save their money). Trying to remind them not to print from afar may be more difficult.
  • We have our daily bulletin on-line and so I wont need to use the printed one with my pastoral care group in the morning.We generally email our newsletters home and upload them to the school webpage so that is a saving but we still seem print out a few hard copies.

I have discussed the idea with the SRC co-ordinator and she is going to take it to the student leaders and the environment committee will come on board.In fact the students I have talked to are quite keen to give it a try. Next job is to tackle the staff!


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  1. I just signed the pledge online on behalf of the team here at RRR/

    Perhaps you can take a look at our website? We offer a really unique and creative way to teach, AND, it’s paperless. 🙂

    Kudos to you!

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