ACEC2010 and conversations

Tomorrow and Friday I will be attending the ACEC conference. I am really looking forward to this conference.

There is a great lineup of speakers and presenters. It was so hard to pick sessions for the days I was attending as so many sounded interesting and applicable to my interests and needs.

I am also really looking forward to the conversations that I will have with people who are part of my PLN and meeting new colleagues. It is great to follow and talk to people on-line but it is also great to meet people f2f. The range and selection of subject matter is very broad and I imagine that the halls will be buzzing after we have had stimulus from, and questions put to us by, the various presenters. They are very good to be sharing some of the exciting learning ideas and programs they have been part of.

The last conference was in Canberra 2 years ago and I was only beginning to learn about on-line communities at that time. I remember back then hearing people like Camilla Elliott introducing the topics of RSS feeds and blogs to me. How my on-line world has expanded since then. In the last two years I have seen so many different ways of using ICT in  learning and teaching. I love seeing the absolute concentration and commitment on the faces of our students when we give them different opportunities to learn and present/share their knowledge and ideas.

Today I am following the conference on Twitter and have been reading some of the key presenters blog posts to get an idea about their interests. I have also spent time the last few days looking at the sites nominated for awards. anyone can log in and vote for any or all of the sites and I have been in and rated most and commented on some. I have also joined the ACEC2010 ning  which will allow conversations to continue after the sessions have been over. 

So have a look at the site and join in even if you can’t be there in person. When we all share conversations with each other we cannot help but learn from each other. The ideas of many are so much greater than a single teacher in the classroom. No teacher has to be alone and isolated from varied and diverse ideas any longer. By socially networking, using the many and varied opportunities technology now offers us, our own education continues to grow and remain fresh so what we are offering our students can take on a whole new interactive and amazing breadth. The future of education is very exciting and we are lucky to be in this area at this time to experience it. Who knows what future education might look like and I think it will be very different to the past but we are here at the beginning so lets “get on the train” and be part of it.


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