I have been playing around with a new Twitter tool (TwitterGadget) thanks to a post by pdonaghy 

Before the first term ended I was trying to explain to some 1st year teachers how they, or teachers in general, might best use Twitter to develop a PLN for their own professional development. I explained about how I used TweetDeck to manage tweets.

I tried this in my iGoogle page and it works well. I have had a hiccup in my gmail version but will work on it some more. It has numerous other options as well.

TwitterGadget is a clean, robust, web 2.0 style client for, designed to submit and view status updates via your iGoogle homepage, Gmail account, within Google Wave, or directly in your browser

 TwitterGadget seems to be another excellent Twitter tool. It lets you do  everything Twitter related and I like the fact it is tidy so allows you to use it along with other tools, and they can all in the one place.

Check out the YouTube video for more information on how to use this gadget. …And while I am on the topic of Twitter this post How to bookmark Twitter links on the blog by Tom Barrett explains about another tool ( that lets you automatically saves links from Twitter to Delicious thus saving links from Twitter becomes a less time consuming task.


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  1. Rhondda –

    I’ve been using TwitterGadget on my iGoogle page for awhile and it has worked like a charm. It is great for quickly keeping tabs on what is new and since it is embedded – I can just look at my browser’s home page to see the tweets.

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