Sepia Town

I really like Sepia Town. This wonderful site  that enables you to view and share thousands of mapped historical images from around the world. “Sepia Town lets people experience the past through a large and growing collection of user-submitted, mapped historical images.”

Although it is still early days, there are  over 500 images currently on the site, and are intersted in more photos being uploaded. At the moment it is a somewhat busy looking map with thumbnails of those images that have been uploaded but they are so interesting. Using Google maps to pinpoint locate where the photo has been taken and the direction is a boon as well.

The Sepia Town creators are planning to add new features over the coming months like “a mobile version, filtering by date and media type, film and audio upload, plus individualized pages for registered users.”

It would be great to see enough pictures uploaded on the site that in time you’ll be able to see many angles of the same street and compare a street view year by year.

The next thing  would like to see is more detail for Australian places. Sydney has a few photos, Brisbane just one and there do not seem to be any for Melbourne at all.


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