Social media is part of our world

The above is a short but interesting video that all those in education should pay heed to.

Social Media Revolution 2 is a refresh of the original video with new and updated social media & mobile statistics that are hard to ignore. Based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

Agree or disagree with the statistics and/or the sentiments, you can’t deny that social media is part of our world. Educators ignore it at their peril. At my school all our students are involved in varied aspects of the social media, in one way or another. I do not say they all use it well, or that they all understand how it works or the ramifications but they are there. Schools, and the educators in them, need to educate students in how to best use the media available to them. Parents must not  use the excuse “I don’t know anything about….” as an excuse for not knowing or understanding the world their children inhabit. Adults and mentors need to be aware of and, at some level, know about the various media. We all need to educate ourselves and apply our understanding and knowledge of the broader world to help educate our young people. Our young people need to know how to use the media safely and how to get the best out of it in the time available.

There is a lot of material online to help us, parents and teachers, to gain better understanding. You do not have to do a formal course, “playing with”  with the tools is most often the way our young people learn. Many schools offer parents introduction to various media and building up our own Personal Learning Networks, inhabited by like-minded professionals, is a great way for teachers to learn/share ideas. I also find students a good resource and always happy to help increase my technology skills.

Here is some more information about more learning tools. Multimedia Training Videos is  a series of completely free and open educational resources for learning a variety of multimedia and ICT tools and was mentioned in a post by Patricia Donaghy, on her Using ICT in Further Education blog.  The site has been created by members of the in the media area of the University of Westminster and offers training videos that step you through using tools such as Flash, Photoshop,  Dreamweaver, Director, Audacity and HTML. These are all useful for many e-learning tasks.

One tab takes you to a set of Student Tools Videos. This a great resource for teachers as well.   This section covers info links, second life, the social bookmarking tool Delicious, mind mapping tools, better searches, creating surveys, RSS and Blogger. The mind mapping tool, is a very good example of how to make the most of the on-line tool and how it can be used as oth a single user and collaborative tool for class.

These are great professional development for those who have not used the tools before. There is also a list of useful External Training Videos Links for further education.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Rhondda
    Love the concept of sharing these resources with parents as well as staff. I tend to think just of the teachers and their professional development. Including parents as well is a great idea!

    • Hi Patricia, I really believe that we need to help parents understand about digital literacy and social media. They need to gain insight into the world their children are inhabiting (whether they know about it or not.) They need to make more informaed decisions and not react to the latest media horror story and they need to be able to talk calmly to their children about safe and responsible uses of the media, before there is (or to hopefully avert) any trouble.

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