Strategies for using e-books: a webinar

I am still investigating e-books, be they downloadable text or audio. What type of reader should we have? (or) should we use our laptops or other mobile devices? What are the different types or requirements when we are using textbooks as compared to reading novels or narratives? What is available out there for Australian users? How best can the library offer a service to students and staff?

From a post on Fiction Focus there is information about a webinar on Thursday June 17. It is an invitation to participate in a free webinar being facilitated by Kerrie Smith at Education Services Australia. The webinar will be conducted using the Elluminate software. URL: 

The focus will be on strategies for implementing the use of e-books in libraries or classrooms. I think we could talk about things you’ve tried (or are thinking of trying), barriers you can see. It will be public on learn central so we may even get some “international” attendees like we did last time, who may be a little further down the track than we are here in Australia.

The date and time: June 17 2010 – 4:00pm – 5:00pm-Jun 17 2010 , Australia Melbourne Time (GMT+10:30) Check the World Clock Converter if you are not sure what the time would be in your area.

There is more information  on the edna group, e-books in teaching & learning site.

Kerrie  was part of an earlier webinar on May 12th. and posted the address of the archive of the session (available here). Kerrie also wrote:

I’ve also put a transcript of the chat conversation in the edna e-books Group in Section 7 (Webinars)  There are some useful hyperlinks in the chat record.

If you are planning to attend this latest webinar please contact Kerrie. She is also interested to know if you have any questions and would like a little time to talk about what is happening where you are. Kerrie will be in the room from about 2pm Adelaide (2.30pm Melbourne) time to let people in.

If you let her know she can also test your audio / microphone setup, by arrangement, in her vRoom. ( )

Kerrie’s blog is You are never alone, she has a twitter account and email:

I am hoping to take part in this webinar. E-books is a subject area that I have really only started to think about. There are some exciting possibilities and also  potential problems. There are many questions and ideas I would like to discuss and flesh out. I am interested in the experiences of others and hopefully gain an insight about how we can take our library into this future.


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