Sharing – some resources that invite re-using and sharing again

It is quite amazing how many people are willing to share their creations, ideas and the fruits of their research or investigations. Not only can you see, hear and otherwise experience them, many use Creative Commons licences to allow you to re-use them.

Resource 1

I was reminded recently about the ACMI site Generator (creative commons tool). It is a great resource containing short, downloadable educational videos on a wide range of topics/issues. You can also find audio.

The site also contains production resources (including a scriptwriter and storyboard tool) and media resources to download and include in your own productions.

The storyboard generator was very appealing as it is part of the book trailer process that we take with the students. It would be very appealing to students who do not consider themselves to be artistic. Students can choose a script or build their own but either way a great way to learn about the storyboarding process and to build their own, using resources from the Free Media Library available here.

You can choose a script and create a storyboard. Try building your own storyboard using background location photographs. Once done, you can save and share your storyboard video with friends. They advise you to register with Generator first if you would like to save your storyboard.

The site wants to grow and its easy-to-use resources invites student use but it also encourages them to share their newly created masterpieces with others.

Find and download copyright-free video, images and sounds. Share your images, video footage and sound files with the Generator community by adding your own to the library.

 Resource 2

Today my colleague Tania Sheko found a great blogging image by Silivia Tolisano ( langwitches). It is part of a of wonderful Flickr images set called “it’s not about the tools… It’s about the skills.”  I was so taken with these that I had to put the podcasting one on my reading wiki straight away.

There is another one, on digital storytelling, below.

Resource 3
Another Flickr image I particularly liked is the Facebook one below. The image is looks simple and created without a lot of special equipment but beautifully produced. The idea was very well  thought out and the final photograph invites everyone to come up with their own effective images.

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