Artemis Fowl – music and pictures too

We recently obtained a copy of Eoin Colfer’s latest Artemis Fowl novel Artemis Fowl and The Atlantis Complex. We also have a new screen in the library so I thought I would have a look at promo material for it.

There are a few videos that would be good to use. The one below has Eoin Colfer explaining the background to the book.

I went to Eoin Colfer’s blog and here I found the post “Artemis Rocks – Original Music inspired by Artemis Fowl” This post has two music links with the music being inspired by the books. They are really quite catchy and are part of series developed by DisneyBooks. There are also music videos that use images from the graphic novels.

The Artemis Fowl site  has a lot more great videos and music to support the books, to aid discussion about the Artemis Fowl stories, help with the promotion of the stories and books or music/images selected for promos and also interviews with Eoin Colfer, the author, who our readers don’t always agree with, even if  he did write the books!

Here is one of the music video clips.


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