Looking for clues about writing

We have a small writer’s group at our school. They make up for their size (numbers wise) in enthusiasm and interest. They are always interested in other authors, writing techniques and so I collect and send all sorts of links to them. From a CMIS post I recently found this interview:

 Danielle, winner of Penguin Australia’s Between the Lines recent competition, caught up with Kirsty Eagar to talk about Saltwater Vampires, and vampirish things in general. Longish at ten minutes, but v interesting as they are both very much on the same wavelength (no surfing pun intended). Kirsty also gives us a hint about her next YA novel. 

They also watched A talk by Charlie Higson, a favourite author at our school. Charlie Higson, in the following 2 videos is speaking, to a packed crowd at the 2009 Bath Festival of Children’s Literature with a fascinating background to his fantastic YA horror book, “The enemy”

Other sites I have sent them recently include:

  • Author Interviews (insideadog):
    • Get inside the brains of some great authors…
  • Writing tips (BBC Writer’s room)
    • Writing for different genres, formats and media can make very different demands on the writer, and on the way you conceive and tell your story. Read the tips below to get a head start on the different types of story that we can help you with
  • Writing resources (BBC Writer’s room)
    • Writing resources and tips for the screen, radio, theatre, magazines, etc from BBC
  • Writing Tools from the NewToolsWorkshop An outstanding collection of writing tools from Joyce Valenza’s wiki page, including Google Docs.
  • Copywrite The top 50 blogs for Aussie writers
  • 10 tips for better writing Information as the title suggests 

All these resources have been interesting and the boys found them useful. What had the biggest impact on the boys by far was the visit by an ex-student, who has just had a book published, and the issue of Viewpoint magazine that published an article by one and reviews by the others.  

Our next venture is to organise a visit by a publisher. The publisher has already agreed to a visit to talk to them about the publishing business. They are working on their questions as I write (as well as working on their as yet unpublished stories)

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  1. Glad you found my chart of Australian writer blogs useful. Just to let you know, an updated version with over 130 blogs should go up this weekend.

    I find blogs a fantastic way for writers – both professional and dreamers – to engage with each other and build productive relationships. They don’t just allow us to be our wordsmithing selves whenever we want, but also start genuine conversations which can be very rewarding.

    if any of your writers group has started a blog talking about their experiences in writing, let me know!

    • Thanks you for this and I will let you know if any of the students decide to develop their writing via a blog

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