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In a world where many applications aim to everything for us I have found one today that does not. does just one thing, and it does it quite well, it shares images. As long as you’re using Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9 you can simply drag and drop images into

This tool is useful for anyone looking for a way to share pictures online without the hassle of logging in. You do not need to have an account to create an album and you have anonymous uploading as your IP is not logged. This allows you to create galleries without anyone knowing who created them.

You are given a set of special links:

An editor’s link that allows you to  

  • Name a gallery by clicking on top right “Untitled” button.     
  • Add more photographs into gallery by dragging them onto gallery page. However it seems that you cannot rename the images once on the page so think about the names and rename the files on your hard disk first    
  • Delete photos from gallery by clicking X icons.     
  • Delete entire gallery by clicking Trash icon.

 A viewer link: to share the whole album/gallery to your friends,

A direct link for each image that allows you to share a single image. However when trying to share a link to a specific image in a large gallery it took a long time because loads every image sequentially so it took quite some time to get to the required image.

The tool might be useful for class or group sharing of photos. As you don’t need an account to log in,  students don’t have to give any details and so can safely remain anonymous.

The developers have stated they want to be a sharing platform for all media types (photo, video, audio, and documents) but it is still very early days.

At the moment it is completely free but when dealing with such large quantities of data this may change.

Some galleries:

Australian birds

From Network Worldz


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