The state of education or the perils of watching daytime television

Again, being home I have time to watch some tv. I put on ABC24 the news station and found…our parliament in full flight. It was very difficult to hear the politicians talk about the great things they have been doing for education; the National Curriculum tht still has not been agreed to by all the states, the website set up for parents to get a better understanding of schools and their child’s progress (statistics that can show many things and nothing) and how good the introduction of national testing is. They are such experts on education I don’t know why we need teachers at all!

I have ranted about this before and I have not changed my attitude to this so I got so annoyed, listening to the glib  statements and the smirks of the politicians, that I put on a commercial station only to hear an labour election advertisement with our Premier talking about how well he understood teaching, after all he had been one in another life, and what is government has been doing for schools and students. Time to switch off the television I thought. This is not making feel better or rested.

I watched the video below that seems to put things into perspective.


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