Wylio: another way to get free embeddable images

There are quite a lot of ways to search for images on the internet. I am always on the lookout for something that makes it as easy as possible for me and/or my students to obtain good CC images to illustrate my sites (wikis, blogs, etc). I have been using ImageCodr to find CC images for my wiki and blogs (and it works very well) but I have only been able to use Flickr images.

Wylio offers a very easy way to quickly search through the huge number of free images from different sources and then allows you to generate a code so that you can insert those images directly into a blog post.

 It is very simple to use and therefore useful to use with students.


  • enter a keyword
  • browse through the thumbnails Wylio finds
  • find an image you like
  • click on it to re-size it according to your requirements as well as set the alignment
  • click on ‘Get the code’ to obtain the HTML code that can then be used to insert the image in your blog post. The code also includes an attribution to the original photographer 

You do not need to download anything to you own computer. There is (of course) a premium version that is not free but the simple version I have used is enough for me.  Below is an image I found to illustrate some information on Kindle e-readers
The Kindle Reader (A Young Girl Seated), after Renoirphoto © 2010 Mike Licht | more info (via: Wylio)


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