Imageoid: adding simple effects to images

In a week I will be working with some year 7 students as the create a glog that reflects the picture book they have been reading. 6 groups have been engrossed in reading not just the text but the pictures too, as they piece together the stories that the authors and illustrators are telling.

To this end I have been investigating tools that the students might use to help them create interesting visual hooks.

One tool I have enjoyed playing around with was Imageoid. This is a nice site for uploading an image and the adding a preset effect. It is also a  free service and is very simple to use.

To use Imageoid you follow the directions to :

  1. upload your image from your computer (NB: images should be less than 0.6 MB or no more than 600KB) This tool can also resize your image but I preferred to use Corel photopaint to do this first before uploading my images.
  2. choose any of the 24 effects you want to apply to the image (you can also combine effects). Some of the effects include grayscale, sepia, inverting, mosaic, emboss, shapes and borders. 
  3. click “reset” to start again if you don’t like what you have created.
  4. To transfer the image to your computer you click on download and then right-click on the image that pops up and “save as”

Below you can see the before and after of one of my images. Imageoid. is still in beta and they have indicated that there are more effects on the way.



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