Student views on e-books

A lot of schools and libraries have purchased e-books (and e-book readers) or are in the process of purchasing them. Everyone assumes that the students will like them/prefer them but until now very few seem to have been asked for their opinions. We now have more student’s experiencing e-books so I am interested in finding out what it is they like and what they may not like or would like to see improved. I was pleased to find these videos made as part of Net Gen Ed Project ( A Flat Classroom Project). 

  • E-Books: Innovation In Education was one student’s view of e-books. She looked at a few of the benefits of e-books as opposed to the traditional text books.
  • Another one was titled “E-books This or That? “. The student said this about her video ” This is my video comparing the good effects of the e-book to some of the negative ways of learning we use now.”
  • Simply entitled “Ebooks”  yet another student gave a her video summary of e-book use and touched on the ability to collaborate with some e-books.

 It is clear that these students see a number of advantages in using ebooks. I also liked the project they were involved in and using many technology tools to create and reflect on their projects as well as to give and receive comments from others


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