What do TL’s teach?

After a week where I read about the trials of the school librarians in the US and then some of the articles following the recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry it was timely to remember the positive things. The SLAV submission to The Inquiry and read some of the great things that have been written by some of our great advocates.

This is an excellent visual supporting the work of teacher librarians by Joyce Valenza. It is also great that she has made it available for us to use by attaching a cc license. It is linked to a great post that offers other links. Another one I like is ” 100 things kids will miss if they don’t have a School Librarian in their School” by AASL President Nancy Everhart.

There are many great things going on in school libraries (and libraries in general). The Bright Ideas Blog is just one way of publicising these ideas and programmes/projects. This grew out of a  The PLN  programme, called “Learning through sharing” this year, has recently started and a lot more teacher librarians will be exploring the opportunities the digital world offers us in our never-ending search to give our students the best opportunities to learn.

And a video (link found thanks to Joyce Valenza) to finish on an upbeat note.


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