Rapping 18 years of news

It is the end of the current school year in the US. I have occasionally had a look at the  The Week in Rap. It has often had an interesting take on the (US) news but it is going have a respite over the US summer holidays.

In their last offering before the end of this educational year they did something a little different. Instead of covering the week’s news they ran with the idea of covering all of the big stories from the last 18 years. This was an homage to the students who were about to graduate from high school and sought to remind them of all the major events in the world during their lifetimes. If you need help with what the stories are there is a list here.

I wonder what our Australian students would come up with for the end of their first eighteen years? It would be a good discussion topic. I wonder if I could interest some of our students in creating their own  18 years as rap?


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