From the highest mountain to the deepest ocean and across the deserts – Google Earth

 Our Amazing Planet explores Earth from its peaks to it mysterious depths.I really liked this great (and long) infographic.

It was published by Our Amazing Planet . This large infographic features the highest and lowest places above sea level. It shows the heights at which airliners fly to the depths of the deepest parts of the ocean (Mariana Trench).

It was discussed on the Google Earth Blog in a post “The Tallest Mountain to the Deepest Ocean Trench” (June 23, 2011) where they linked to the Google Earth locations for all of the places in the infographic.

If you have not been to the Google Earth Blog it is well worth visiting. There is information about google earth but also a lot of interesting and useful information can be found on all topics to do with our earth.

Another good recent post is Exploring the deserts with Google Earth.

Google Sightseeing is in the middle of “Desert Week 2011”, uncovering interesting tidbits from various deserts around the world.

There are some amazing images and they show that the deserts are not just flat sand.

Infographic Source:, Exploring the wonder and beauty of planet Earth through exclusive news, features and images.


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